An especially unique island, blessed with beautiful beaches, and also with a history depicted through the ages.

A meeting point for various expereiences, Crete manages to impress the visitor immediately, by offering him a plethora of interests and action. From the vast sand beaches with the blue-green waters to the traditional mountain villages that keep the flame of the tradition alight, and from the “Diktaio Antro” where Zeus was born to the ancient towns, the palaces and the unique museums (Knossos, Phaistos, Malia, Zakros etc), Crete mesmerizes you each time in a different way.

The picturesque fishing villages on the island are recommended not only for fresh fish, but also for the infamous traditional cuisine, known as “mediterranean cretan diet”.

Crete is the island with the largest concentration of outstanding resorts, which are in their own a unique travelling experience, and which have been for year keeping the bar high on the gastronomy field, setting an example for the entire Greece. the Cretan nature rewards the visitor any time of the year. The mountains, the herding fields, the plateaus, the canyons mesmerize and the access to many areas from the Euro trail E4 is a shocking experience.

As for entertaintment, either you wander at the magical cosmopolitan nights of the village, or you succumb to a traditional cretan fair, the experience will be rewarding.

The Cretan hospitality, the hospitality of Xenios Zeus, fulfills your traveller’s dreams.


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