Flavors of Eastern Crete


We invite you on a journey created and based on the traditions and flavors that will excite your senses and amaze you with what Crete has to offer. Allow us to reveal, via this trip, a unique variety of native secrets and practices.


The purpose of this tour is to discover authentic Crete. 
A combination of visits to culinary, environmental and 
cultural sites will introduce you to a wide range of local
traditions and a way of life. Following the Cretan 
flavors, we invite you to an olive oil factory, a cooking 
class and an ethnographic museum that will bridge the 
generation gap through an interactive and interesting 

Olive Oil Factory Visit and Olive oil Tasting 
Interactive Cooking Class
Visit to Lychnostatis Museum

1 pax  : 622.00€

2 pax  : 388.00€

3 pax  : 306.00€

4 pax  : 290.00€

5 pax  : 263.00€

6 pax  : 244.00€

7 pax  : 231.00€



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