Fishing Trip in Crete


Are you an experienced fisher or you just like fishing, but you`ve never tried? Then we invite you to take our Fishing tour. We will provide you with all the equipment along with an experienced fisherman and show you the most beautiful places in Crete.

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Fishing in Crete Greece: You can enjoy sea fishing near our property, both in the harbor as well as from the rocks on the sea shore. All fishing locations are near the accommodation. You will never have to walk more than 5 minutes to catch your dream fish in the Aegean Sea! Fishing in Crete is possible both summer and winter. If you are fishing in the harbor, you can always try to get a fisherman to take you along out to sea.

Of course we can also arrange for you to go fishing with a boat. You can make reservations for these fishing tours. There are several possibilities for boat fishing. You can go along with several fishing tours. Many fish anglers bring their own fishing gear to Crete, but we can have all required material available on request. Close to your accommodation there is a sport fishing specialty store there. We can go there together with you to see what fish bait to use. In this store they will be happy to advise you about fishing in Crete.

Night Fishing in Crete: there is a lot of night fishing in Crete, and there are also opportunities for you to go night fishing. We will be glad to help you get started. We can identify many fishing sites in Crete, where there is good fishing. 

Services included:
• English speaking guide
• Fishing Equipments
• Fisherman assistance
• Transportation
• Service charges and Government taxes

Please note:
• Children below the age of 4 can take the tours for free.
• Private & Group Tours are available



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