Adventure Crete For 7 Days

From 327€

For people who want adventure,live with passion and want to seize the day!

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327,00 euro
  • For children 0-4
Free on excursions
  • Discount for children 5-12
50% on excursions
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                                                                               Adventure Crete


                                                              7Days (6 nights) to make the most off it!


                               Make your own chedule by choosing the hotel you like and the days of your excursion!

                               Days of Tours are up to the customer choice.

                               Jeep safari on Crete and Diving in Crete are available every Day

                               Samaria Gorge every Mon-Wed-Sat or Gramvousa – Balos every Mon-Tue-Fri

Albatros Spa & Resort Hotel

Palm Beach Hotel

Alantha Apts

Jeep safari on Crete

Diving in Crete

Samaria Gorge

Gramvousa – Balos

Albatros Spa & Resort Hotel


Albatros Spa & Resort Hotel 7 Days price Excursions prices Total



282,00e 189,00e 471,00e
04/07-27/08 342,00e 189,00e 531,00e
28/08-16/09 330,00e 189,00e 519,00e


Palm Beach Hotel



Palm Beach Hotel 7 Days price Excursions prices Total



324,00e 189,00e 513,00e
01/07-31/08 390,00e 189,00e 579,00e


Alantha Apts


Alantha Apts 7 Days price Excursions prices Total



138,00e 189,00e 327,00e



192,00e 189,00e 381,00e
11/07-31/08 294,00e 189,00e 483,00e

Hotel Booking on Request

Prices are for DBL rooms,Bed & Breakfast

Childrens Charges or Discounts up to Hotel policies

Excursions: Children 0-4 : Free

Children 5-12 : Half price

Customer can choose other excursion or Hotel from our web site and on request we can give him the offer for the holiday package of their choice.

The company keeps the right to change the program at any time and is not responsible for any delay due to weather conditions,traffic at ports or streets traffic.

Any excurcion package can be changed up to the customer needs.Make your own holliday package by mix and match the excurcions you want.

Transfer to Heraklion port & Airport (up to 4 people the tranfer rate is 13,00 euro per person).



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