SUP Yoga

From 20€

Do you love yoga and sea and want to combine them? SUP Yoga offers the ideal exercise and the opportunity for a new challenge.

  • Duration
1 Hour
  • Offered
Water, free Transfer for of up
  • Languages
  • persons
3-7 Persons
  • Prices
From 20 per adult/From 15 per
  • Difficulty
Level 1

We defined as a meeting point the Amoudi beach at 18:45 every Sunday. From there we will take our
boards and dive into the clear waters of the beach for a small ride with SUP and then our practice will
Stand Up Paddle – SUP – boarding is an ancient form of surfing, which is becoming more and more
popular all over the world. Although this is a high intensity exercise, it does not cause any physical

This is why it is ideal as a group workout program, as yoga. Those who know Paddle
boarding describe it as "walking on the water", as it can only be done in calm waters such as lakes
and seas without waves.

A paddle board looks like a surfboard but is thicker and wider so you can stand upright on it. The
program includes a surfboard on calm waters and exercises on the board. It nourishes 85% of the
body muscles, whether you are an advanced trained or beginner.

The roots of the Paddle Boarding
are located in ancient Polynesia, while the modern exercise method has been revived by the surfers
of Hawaii.

After the end of our practice we will enjoy a dip in the lovely sea and drink frozen local raki.

The practice is for anyone who want a new challenge. You do not need to have previous experience
in SUP or Yoga.

• Participants must wear swimsuit
• It is good for the participants to eat lightly 2 hours before
• Respect the site (no rubbish)
• Bring a towel
• In case of not knowing swimming they must inform

Transfer policy

Price does not include transfer as to arrange it however you like.

Transfer by us from your hotel its 30€ per person with 5 person minimum.

The cost is 20€ for 8 people minimum.

Or you can go on your own with your car.

Feel free to call us for help with directions or public transportation!



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