5th International Musical Festival Crete


Jazz with colours from Crete and the Middle EastTuesday of 24 July 2018 20:30 in Kipotheatro Mano Chatzidakis in Irakleios and Wednesday of 25 July in 8.30mm in the hospitable space of wine factory Manoysaki in Batolakko Chanias, Maria Manoysaki organises the 5th International Musical Festival Crete

Maria Manoysaki is violinist with internationalpresence in the space of jazz and world mousik. "I play world jazz ethnic and especially what I present is an amalgam of New York jazz with sounds from Crete and the Middle East. Generally, my inspiration comes from Crete, where I usually compose my pieces."

A inspired collaboration from three importantmusical forms which they will present authenticcompositions with common report in the Cretanlandscape.
The three forms that participate are:
1 Vasilis Stayrakakis Foni and mandolinZacharias Spyridakis Voice and pound GiorgosManolakis Foni and lute – Yannis PapazanisKroysta.



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