Starry nights

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Evening astronomy which we offer as an alternative activity. The evening includes a presentation about the universe and our place in it, uranography laser orientation in the night sky , constellations recognition and demonstration through large telescope planets , star clusters , nebulae , galaxie

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If astronomy is the oldest of the sciences, surely amateur astronomy may rightfully claim to be the oldest of the scientific hobbies. No one can date that remote epoch when astronomy “began”, we can say only that the fascination of the heavens is as old as man’s ability to think; as ancient as his capacity to wonder and to dream.

The appeal of astronomy is both intellectual and aesthetic; it combines the thrill of exploration and discovery, the fun of sight-seeing and the sheer pleasure of firsthand acquaintance with incredibly wonderful and beautiful things. But it also offers the privilege not to be taken lightly, of adding something to the knowledge and understanding of man.

Now you have the chance to personally meet the stars and the unknown mysterious wonders of the heavens with the help of Manos Tsikalas and his 16-inch big dobsonian telescope. He is a very experienced deep sky observer and his true love for amateur astronomy will offer you a very unique journey very far from Earth. Stars, star clusters, many different kinds of nebulae and galaxies are the targets of his big amateur telescope and food for your eyes and mind! Explore the whole universe!

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