Sailing Where Sun Sets

from 133€

We invite you for a sailing journey that combines the sea leisure activities with the exploration of ancient routes that will make you fall in love with the majestic sceneries of Crete as they unfold in front of your eyes.


We invite you on an offshore trip 
to discover the unlimited Cretan sea trails. 
We welcome you to one of the most 
beautiful natural scenery that the Aegean Sea 
has to offer, the Greek sunset sighted from a sailing boat. Which challenge you to embark on a 
serene trip through the tranquility of the sea colors, textures and hidden paradises of the island. 
A team of experienced, professional sailors devoted to marine life and sea sport admirers will 
be by your side to assist you along your trip and ensure your safety. 

Sailing trip
Sunset experience

1 pax  : 783.00€

2 pax  : 405.00€

3 pax  : 279.00€

4 pax  : 214.00€

5 pax  : 176.00€

6 pax  : 151.00€

7 pax  : 133.00€



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