Sail around Crete. Sailing in the mediterranian Sea.


Rent a boat and be a Captain for one day. Snorkeling,scuba diving and sailing lessons are on deck!

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Sailing Cruiser
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One day trip
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From hotel
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Every day
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Daily trip to the island of Dia starting at 10 am until 18:00 (6 pm)

Set sail away from the shore of Heraklion, around 10 o’clock. Reaching the protected area of Dia Island with its crystal water, our captain will be pleased to tell you some secrets and stories of this beautiful island.
Once at the Saint George port, let’s have a walk to the little church or just enjoy the silence of the place by snorkeling, fishing or sunbathing…
Satisfied with your discoveries?
It’s time to taste the delightful Cretan food prepared by our skippers.
Now you get enough energy to follow the wind and adjust the sail to a beautiful hiding bay. On the way back, discover the city from a new point of view before getting back to Heraklion.
Half day trip at the beautiful sea of Crete starting
at 10:00 to 14.30 or 15.00 to 19.30
Enough of crowded beaches?

Your captain is ready to get you to places accessible only by
boat. Wild bays of Crete, well known for their crystal water and scenic view.

Feel free to get into the provided equipment of snorkeling to discover the mysterious blue
world and its natural treasures. Snorkeling is the easiest way to get an impression of the
underwater world. It’s easy and appropriate for all ages.Once enough exploration? Relax body and mind in the boat, enjoy a snack with some Raki
while going back to the shore.


Day Trip to Dia island, 95€/person


· Captain and snorkel guide
· Food: tzatziki, Greek salad, pasta with seafood, fruits
· Drinks: water, soft drinks, wine and beer
·snorkeling equipment (masks, fins and snorkel)
fishing stick
· Special floats for non swimmers
· Transfer  Hotel

Half day Trip,85€/person


· Captain and snorkel guide
· Food/Snacks
· Drinks: water, soft drinks, wine and beer
·snorkeling equipment (masks, fins and snorkel)
fishing stick
· Special floats for non swimmers
· Transfer Hotel

Sailing Crete can organize a wide range of activities apart from our sailing day trips. That includes scubadiving, snorkeling, fishing, boat rental and kayaking.

More about sailing.

Bare boat sailing.

We have a fleet of boats at our disposal for you optimal sailing experience, you can choose out of any boat we have available at your preferred time of booking.


We can offer tailor made sailing cruise anywhere in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. A weekly cruise from Heraklion to the island of Santorini, Anafi, Armogos and Ios.

Sailing courses

We organize professional sailing courses,so all can become a pirate captain and sail across the world! (Actual pirating is not included).

Scuba Diving

Are you interested in the underwater world around Crete…? We will give you a grand tour of life in the waters of the Island and make sure you’ll have an experience to remember.

Your opinion will always be the most important.We strive for a good review. We hope the sailing will be a smooth and memorable experience!

Rent a boat and be captain for one day.

We offer you the possibility to explore some secret place by your own and our company provide 3 different motor boat ( no licence required). We have qualified staff will teach you the basic rules of driving. Give to yourself the opportunity to be a captain.



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