Pottery in the house of Zeus

From 20€

Discover the secrets of an ancient profession lost in the mists of time.

  • Duration
1.5-2 Hours
  • Offered
Water, soft drinks, vegetables
  • Equipment
Pottery wheel
  • Languages
English, Greek
  • persons
  • Prices
From 20 euro per person
  • Difficulty
Level 0

Our journey through time begins at our laboratory, which is located in Psichro, Lassithi plateau, a few meters below the cave that according to legend the god of gods, Zeus, was born.

Initially, we will make a small demonstration of pottery by creating some specific Minoan designs, which have been found in many excavations in Crete, and at the same time we will be explaining their use and history.

Afterwards, with the help of the pottery wheel and with our own guidance, each visitor will make their own unique object according to their character and will. At the end of the demonstration, you will take with you the ceramics you will have created yourselves.

Finally, we will go to a specially designed area above the lab, where we have a showroom with all our creations, and you will have the chance to taste local drinks, soft drinks, coffee, fruit and vegetables.

All visitors without exception


Transfer policy

Price does not include transfer as to arrange it however you like.

Transfer by us from your hotel its 30€ per person with 5 person minimum.

The cost is 20€ for 8 people minimum.

Or you can go on your own with your car.

Feel free to call us for help with directions or public transportation!



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