Paleontological Museum Rethymno


The paleontological collection of the Municipality of Rethymnon, which consists of findings from excavations from all over the prefecture by German scientist Siegfired Kuss (University of Freiburg), will form the basis of the exhibition. The Goulandris foundation has been looking after this collection in collaboration with the University of Athens (Historical Geology and Palaeontology Faculty).

The paleontological Museum Rethymno is located in area Mastambas, mosque Beli Pasha. It is believed that the mosque was built on the Venetian church of San Onoufrios. It has some unique features such as the main door and the minaret which is the oldest in Rethymnon (1789).

Garden 2.5 acres, have already planted trees and plants which flourish in Crete such olive trees, carob, Cretan palm trees, oleanders and laurels and shrubs such as wild rose-trees, will also come across many schinos, Myrties Stone Houses, lavender, diktamo, osier, rosemary and wild lavender.

The paleontological Museum Rethymno mosque Veli Pasha opened on July 10, 2008.

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